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Beijing Tourism Commission director: Urbanization in-depth development of tourism as a new engine

Date: 2013-08-02

Domestic and international experience has shown that modern tourism has become the industrialization and urbanization in-depth development of the new engine, not only can effectively improve the city's comprehensive development capacity, but also leveraging the regional industrial structure upgrading. According to the World Tourism Organization statistics, modern tourism can influence and to promote the industry as many as 110. Tourism consumption on the lodging industry contributed more than 90%, the contribution of civil aviation railway more than 80% of the food retail sector contributed more than 40%. Every one yuan of tourism revenue, related industries may increase 4.3 yuan income. Tourism practitioners each additional person, increase employment opportunities for related industries 4.2. Both incorporated into a modern tourism and tertiary production being aloof and independent, as to promote industrial integration and cost-effective manner important engine of growth.