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Attractions Tour enforcement station will be located

Date: 2013-07-26

Cheap Showmanship, tourists shopping in the area outside the compulsory ...... for the "black car tour" all the chaos, the city launched a series of remedial measures.Yesterday, the Beijing Municipal Tourism Committee organized the Beijing Tourism Industry publicize and implement the "Travel Act" work will be revealed, Municipal Tourism Commission will be set up through the scenic spots "tour" of law enforcement station, launched the "day trip" contract system, electronic textmeasures to rectify the "day trip" market.


"Day trip" bus will be checked by car

In the recent case of "armed threat guides tourists" incident, someone's not mandatory tourist shopping tour, visitors can ride the bus sped away tourists Shuaixia played a disgraceful role.

According to reports, in Beijing "day trip" important scenic spots, Municipal Tourism Commission will jointly territorial government set up a "tour" of law enforcement checkpoints by the public security, industry and commerce, transportation, urban management departments of the Joint Inspection Unit on the "day trip"bus-by-vehicle inspection, focusing on inspection tour name, card number, card guides linked units, coaches brands, company affiliation, driver's name and the name of the travel agency," day trip "itinerary seal Offered number of visitors and so on.

"In addition, we have set up in each county tourism law enforcement agencies, major scenic tourist establishment of law enforcement station, visitors can be close to complaints from the processing speed will be accelerated." Municipal Tourism Commission official said.


Travel agents and passengers to sign electronic contracts

Municipal Tourism Commission revealed that at present working with the City Transportation Commission Transportation Authority Research and Development Agencies "day trip" electronic text contract system.In the future, all conduct business travel agencies and tour bus company must log on to the system to achieve docking operations, and through the system-generated e-stroke single-and two-dimensional code.Tour guide and driver conduct business, have to carry electronic itinerary and 2D codes for future reference.

"Law enforcement officers dimensional code scanning via handheld terminal that is able to check all relevant information." Municipal Tourism Commission official said, "through technological means, we can monitor the real-time passenger travel and whether the provisions of the company's business operation."

In addition, the Beijing Municipal Tourism Commission regulate the industry norm of the new measures also include Tsinghua University, Peking summer campus tour, review star hotel rating, review A-level scenic quality grade.


Cleanup day trips false information online

Municipal Tourism Commission relevant responsible person said, the Municipal Tourism Committee on the network will be a comprehensive clean-up false "day trip" information, including the closure of publishing false "tour" of the site, clear the search engines illegal "day trip" searchThe results, to stop the use of electricity providers online shopping platform in Beijing "tour" buy behavior.

Municipal Tourism Commission will work with public security, industry and commerce, transportation, urban management and other departments to establish crack down on illegal "tour" communications platform, regular complaints consultation, joint law enforcement, the transfer of cases, regular briefings on the tourism market order and dynamics ofinformal tourism enterprises involved in illegal "day trip" behavior, fraudulent use of the name of other tourism enterprises illegal "day trip", and the use of bogus websites acts of false propaganda to combat and deal with in a comprehensive formal tourist vehicles to be illegal "dayTour "passenger service, the illegal" day trip "small ads, fake stop sign," Black Guide ", tourist shops bully off cheating and other issues