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2013 Beijing International Festival start soon marathon press conference held today

Date: 2013-03-20

Nutrilite 2013 Beijing international marathon Festival will be at 7:50 on April 14 to start running in Tiananmen Square.The marathon Festival organized by the Beijing Municipal Sports Bureau and the Chinese Athletics Association, Beijing Sports Competition Management Center contractor, Tiananmen Square District Management Committee, Dongcheng District Sports Bureau, Beijing Xiannongtan Sports Technical School Co, is expected to be 20,000from various counties, enterprises and institutions, long-distance running associations, clubs and school runners, including international friends, people with disabilities to attend.

Beijing international marathon, the predecessor of Beijing Spring Festival race around the city, the city is a large-scale and influence with traditional mass sports brand events, today is the first 57 years.2011 onwards, Beijing National Distance Running Festival officially recognized as an IAAF international competitions, while the Beijing 2015 world championships one of the promotional activities to further expand the brand's international influence events.

The Li Ning ten kilometers marathon Festival will run, home run, mini marathon Amway Nutrilite Health Run 3 project: where Li Ning ten kilometers run men's and women youth, adult total of four groups, starting from Tiananmen Square, the Coal Street, Temple Road, Temple Road, Yongding Gate Street to the south gate of Xian Nong Tan stadium into stadium; family run no constituency within in Tiananmen Square; Amway Nutrilite Health Run Mini Marathon men's and women youth group, adult group of 4two groups, the race route length of five kilometers, starting from Tiananmen Square, the Coal Street, the central axis Xiannongtan Stadium East Gate Road to enter the stadium.

To facilitate registration, the tournament city established 17 on-site registration points, and in the official race website (www.bjrunningfestival.com) Online registration and payment, to the designated locations Entry Kit (specific locations can be found on the official tournament website orFollow "@ Nutrilite 2013 Beijing International marathon Festival V" "@ Amway Nutrilite Health Run V" queries).Community runners, ordinary citizens and foreign friends, as long as the hobby sport, meet the entry conditions may freely participate.Places for the competition: Li Ning ten kilometers run 7000; family run 1000; Amway Nutrilite Health Run 12000 mini.

To ensure the safety of sports events, orderly manner, the organizing committee to establish a secure channel and the establishment of medical emergency medical aid point, in the beginning, end, and along with ambulance and set eight water points; send more than 177 aJudges are responsible for track and field organization of the competitions and the selection of 350 people as a volunteer for the event service; addition, unified players and staff handled a group accident insurance.

This year, to further expand the active participation of the masses continue to enhance the influence of long-distance running festival, the organizers also launched a series of supporting activities, including "Beijing jogging map" microblogging collection activities, the winner will receive "Nutrilite 2013 Beijing international marathonsection Jogging Suits ";" healthy fun in "campaign theme, in the end the establishment of long-distance running festival Knowledge display area, somatosensory interactive games area, Nutrilite Health test area, Nutrilite new protein powder tasting area and other activity areas, entertaining, torunners and the general public to promote science fitness workout period, eating match, nutrient supplementation health knowledge.

This section has been long-distance Amway (China) Commodity Co., the title sponsor for five consecutive years, but also by the Li Ning (China) Sports Goods Co., designated sports apparel five years of continuous sponsorship.Beiqi Group provides a designated car tournament, Shin Kong Life Insurance Co., Ltd. Hainan, China Yuxi Times International Holding Co., Ltd., China Air Express Co., Ltd. as the designated supplier.Network Collaboration: Guangming, Netease run.Registration cooperation: Beijing Community Service Center, Comfort Travel.Beijing Television will broadcast the event to delay.